We make you shiny and sticky.

The ‘shiny’ part is making sure you get noticed.
The ‘sticky’ part is making sure you get remembered.

This is what we’ve been doing for thirty years, on stage and screen, in print, online and in space (well exhibition space).
There is, however, one big difference between other creative consultancies and us …

We Deliver.


We deliver brand development on screen.

If you want to tell and sell online, we’ll create an explicit, stylish and functional website content that gets the job done. For simplicity, we offer two options. The first is ‘drop dead gorgeous yet functionally rich’. The second is ‘functionally rich yet drop dead gorgeous’. Your choice.

Online content creation for Compare The Market, a leading independent and impartial comparison website on car insurance, home insurance and other products.

We deliver brand development in advertising media and print.

We offer first-class creative ideas where flair and fire come as standard.
When you want to get noticed and get remembered, IDEAS deliver the goods.

Product awareness campaign for Adobe, giving everyone, from emerging artists to global brands, everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

We deliver brand development in space.

We bring our unique sense of theatre to interiors, retail environments and exhibitions—if you can walk through it, we can design it. IDEAS create efficient, people-friendly, branded settings that work.

Exhibition content curation for Palace Green Library in the heart of Durham city which holds Durham University’s special collections.


We’re very good at what we do, but we never say so.
We show so.

We could try to impress you the same way as everyone else: big clients, track record, glossy drool-o-rama portfolio.
But there’s a better way: make one call, set up one meeting, and let us 
show you. (It’s free.)
We listen well, and we’re thorough. If you have ideas, we’ll turn them into reality. If not, we’ll help you bring them into focus.
Together, we’ll dream up ways to build brand recognition and attract prospects, opt-ins, and sales.
This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

marketing advantage provided by ideas.co.uk

One of a series of mystical, lead image photoshop compositions – used in sponsorship and marketing collateral design for Edinburgh International Magic Festival.


You can see us as a creative consultancy, but creativity is just a means to an end.
What we actually deliver is marketing advantage.

You want to build your company, build your brand and increase your profits. 

Wanting is good, achieving is better.
We help you achieve your goals via coherent strategy, strong cross-media brand development, and consumer-sticky thinking.
It’s not about the jargon, the charts, and the slides presentation. If you want all that, there are lots of ‘talk forever, deliver never’ companies who will serve up all you can eat.

Concept, art direction and photography for Schuh, a leading footwear retailer from the UK, with 118 stores in the UK and Ireland


They say, ‘Sell the sizzle, not the sausage’. 

It’s good advice.
There are many ways to add ‘sizzle’ to a product, a brand or marketing strategy. Good marketing can be slick, sly, soft, sexy, cool, blunt, brave or a thousand other things. What we do is listen, think, and come up with the right ideas for you and your goals.
You don’t have to take this on trust. We want to meet you, discuss your aims and show you how we can make your life easier.
Call or email and we’ll do the rest.

We look forward to making you shiny, sticky and successful.

Creating seductive and inspiring interiors, marketing initiatives and event production for Finn Inns.

Brand development Ideas

Brand development Ideas Brand development ideas for your business your product or service. The magical ability of brand development to transform image, perception, and profit relies in part of the foresight, cultural depth and the intellectual skills of the creative source behind the concept and the strategy.  In every aspect of our work, we are firm advocates of pushing back […]

Colin Cloud – The Illusionists Live From Broadway

Colin Cloud – The Illusionists Live From Broadway Following completely sold-out seasons in Edinburgh 2014, 2015 and 2016, the Adelaide Fringe 2016 and in The Illusionists Live from Broadway and London’s West End, Colin Cloud returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe stage with his brand new solo show. DARE Colin Cloud: Dare Aug 2-14, 16-27 2017 Time 20:00 From £8.50 Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) Duration […]

10 fold increase on exhibition visitor targets

10 fold increase on exhibition visitor targets  ‘We’ve never known anything like it’ That’s what Vicki Hobson of the Museum of Gloucester said after hosting our touring exhibition, smashing their target of 6000 by a whopping 55,000 visitors. Out if this world The ‘Robot’ exhibition at the Museum of Gloucester has pulled in the crowds with 55,000 […]

Zenith undercover water park

Zenith undercover water park An undercover water park about the size of one-and-a-half football pitches will be one of the main attractions of the Zenith development in Scarborough s North Bay. The developer, says 80 million could be spent in Scarborough on plans which would provide hundreds of new jobs. The plans include: * multi-screen […]

Bo’ness HLF Townscape Heritage Initiative

Bo’ness HLF Townscape Heritage Initiative Early 2002 Scottish Historic Buildings Trust (SHBT) invited a number of companies to respond to their brief to find a use for the former Hippodrome Cinema. The agreement made provision for the refurbished building to be transferred or leased to the creators of the preferred scheme on favourable terms in return for their […]


Revealing your true value – The Success Strategy

I have a great product. I deliver a brilliant service. I have an awesome brand.
All the pieces of my business puzzle are in place.
I am ready to level up.

Is this you?
Are you ready to strap your business to a rocket and shoot for the moon?

My name is Don Jack. I’m the creative director at IDEAS® and I love working with people to reveal their true value and purpose.

I can help you to:

·      define the full value of your brand, product and services
·      make your business irresistible to the market
·      realise record revenue and profitability

You’re already outstanding at what you do. You don’t need to change.
My team and I reframe what you do so that it has the right grab, the right lustre, the right flavour to appeal to more lucrative markets.
(If businesses had fairy godmothers, that would be me.)

The Success Strategy Bonus
The Success Strategy has an added bonus: a kind of magic happens when your true value is recognised and your revenue rises.
You become stronger, more efficient, more confident and even more successful.
Are you ready to move to a whole new level?  Call me on 01324 716827.

Donald McI. Jack

More about The Success Strategy here.




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