Achieve greatness for your product or service

The magical ability of creativity to transform image, perception, and profit relies in part of the foresight, cultural depth and the intellectual skills of the creative source behind the concept and the strategy.  In every aspect of our work, we are firm advocates of pushing back the boundaries of convention to explore the broader view.  We believe that this opens the mind to new stimuli and direction.
This last point is particularly relevant in diagnosing and analysing obstacles to what our clients want to achieve.

We strongly believe in communicating at every level to exhaust all possible sources in our quest for information.  Only then can we begin to assess and focus on what we have acquired, and in turn, work on how to achieve marketable goals for our clients.

This allows us to provide solutions and reveal opportunities for a particular product, service or brand, no matter how big or small, with drive and energy.

So much of the success of a brand in reaching its target audience depends on how well the creative is attuned to that audience and, just as importantly, how good they are at maintaining enthusiasm during the creative process.  It is our innate ability to meet challenges head-on, tackling them with unfaltering gusto, which ensures a result.

We listen well and we’re thorough. If you have clear ideas, we’ll turn them into reality. If not, we’ll help you bring them into focus.

Creative collaboration, simplification and innovation.

Creative magic meets brand science.
Our proven seven-step success strategy consists of the following manageable stages:

Output: definitions of most profitable market sectors, customer profiles, and key influencers.

Stage 2 – THE BRAND
Output: Brand design development proposals and marketing strap-lines articulate your massive transformative purpose defining what you do and the benefits you deliver presented as beautifully crafted, cross-media assets. These first draft visuals allow you and all interested parties to approve these concepts. On approval, finished art for the chosen principal brand will then be developed. Clarity of brand and brand use will ensure continuity throughout all marketing activities underpinning the brand position.

Stage 3 –  MEDIA
Output: outline media campaign visuals with a candidate list of likely publications, cost of insertion, size, frequency and potential publication schedule. Advertising is likely to be a vital support mechanism.
A schedule of candidate publications will be prepared for approval.  How this fits into the marketing programme can be better determined when targeting issues have been resolved.


Output: in addition to the definitive press pack detailing background, history, current activity, etc. a series of potential storylines for a range of PR activity to be released on a regular basis, together with associated writing and distribution costs, timescales and release dates


Output: A programme of customer introductions, promo stunts or events. Visuals of invitations, programmes, giveaways, mementos, and giveaways, for events & press calls.


Each project needs a carefully planned, co-coordinated and adaptable brand identity and communications strategy to maximise market penetration and create positive publicity and positive transformation.

Where possible we will offer support and assistance in other areas where consistency and understanding of the brand values within the context of the overall vision would be beneficial.

Stage 7 – THE VISION

The Brand Strategy Vision Document
An essential and invaluable document which will help ensure buy-in from all interested parties including partners, funding agencies, key influencers and other stakeholders.

Strategic and creative transformation components will be identified and solutions offered in the form of outline finished visuals and treatments to which costs can be attached for consideration, together with a clear, illustrated shopping list of optional bolt-ons.

Included will be key requirements such as co-branding opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, POS presentation materials, website look and feel, set or interior design, publications, and marketing collateral.
We will also consider potential likely profit centers such as branded goods and merchandise.

Most excitingly are the ideas yet to be revealed through this process.

The creative team:

Don Jack – creative director and founder of IDEAS
Don Jack has worked as creative consultant for WetWetWet, NBC Universal, Prince, The Edinburgh International Magic festival, British Airways, Scottish Enterprise, British Waterways, BP Worldwide, Crime Stoppers, the BBC, The Scottish Office, Visit Scotland, Gleneagles Hotel among many others in the Tourism, Entertainment and Leisure, Events and Exhibitions, Charity, Consumer and Corporate sectors, working with these clients in the UK and overseas.
Stuart Robertson – Studio head of design
A consummate creative thinker, Stuart has been part of the IDEAS team for more than 2 decades.  With a reputation for his coolness under pressure, Stuart is regarded by many as one of the UK’s leading designers.
Annette Jack – Project management, financial controller and administration director. 
Annette ensures the day-to-day smooth running and organisation of each project, which she fulfills instinctively having now worked with the consultancy since its inception.
External support
With more than 30 years in the business of creativity, IDEAS has gathered a loyal team of highly creative and motivated creative, media and production specialists who can be called upon where necessary.